Taking the

Understanding your brief is imperative to ensuring that DEN deliver your desired end result.

We listen to your objectives and dissect your brief, placing ourselves in the position of the client and the customer to develop the project conceptually and operationally.

Creating the Concept.

DEN will develop your brief into inspirational concept boards for discussion to ensure that there is a clear understanding of the required design.

Planning the Space.

Taking your brief, outlining your requirements and implementing the concept DEN will space plan the layout.

DEN will either provide a full building survey or can undertake a check survey if CAD drawings can be provided.

Finalising the Materials and Finishes.

DEN will ensure that every corner of your project is designed, specified and samples of finishes beautifully presented on presentation boards. Large samples will be made available for approval. At this stage, costs of materials and finishes can be confirmed per item or per square metre.

Building the Model.

DEN can provide 3D visuals of your project to ensure that you undestand and are happy with the full before moving to the next stage.

Construction Details.

Construction details are imperative for pricing and construction on site. DEN produce a full working drawing package that will be used for costing and confirming the project cost. This will be the contractors bible throughout the construction period.

with the Authorities

Your project may require Planning, Building Control or other permissions such as Listed Building Consent. DEN undertake all aspects of liaising with the authorities to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Implementing the Tender Process.

Preparation of tender documents and specifications to issue to the tendering contractors and suppliers. DEN obtain estimates and quotes for all items. We will answer all tender queries thoughout the process and appraise the tenders once returned.

Controlling the Budget.

Following tender analysis, DEN will negotiate with the contractors and if required will amend specification to ensure that your project falls within your budget.

the Construction Phase

DEN offer Project Management for your project. We work to ensure that your project runs to programme and actioning any site issues that may arise immediately.

Sourcing &

the Fixtures,
Fittings and Furniture.

DEN source and specify every fixture, fitting, equipment and piece of furniture for your project.

Obtaining the best prices and lead times. We have trade accounts with suppliers worldwide.